Chief Technology Officer

NEOHUB · Full-time

Jul 2021 - Present · 1 yr 4 mos

Istanbul, Turkey

    • I am directing organisation around new technologies, trying to implement innovative solutions based on BAAS, Digital Banking and Startup Projects mostly in API ecosystem. Working on Superapp, SDK, API HUB solutions nowadays.

    • Recent projects are
      Shopping SDK ( IOS / Android Client Library for Identity Sharing and Payment Integration)
      Pay with Bank ( New Payment solution for Bank Customers for card payments, money order, pay with credit)
      Collection Board ( Customer portal for replaning the due payments and taking possible payment dates https://sozunyeter.denizbank.com )
      3DSecure Application ( Card payment verification application)
      API HUB ( Centralized API solutions for financial players)
      Digitalonboarding SDK ( Onboarding SDK for banks)
      BAAS Solution ( Complete solutions for new players)
      CBT & BKM Open Banking Framework ( AISP, PISP solution for banks)
      PSD2 Solutions ( AISP, PISP solutions for banks in Europe )
      Open ID Application ( Login and consent with bank accounts)
      Denizden Toprağa ( Mobile app solution built for farmers)

Intertech Information Technology and Marketing Inc.

8 yrs 9 mos

Open Banking & AI Projects Principal Architect

Jan 2015 - Aug 2021 · 6 yrs 8 mos

Istanbul, Turkey

        • I work as Open Banking and AI Projects Principal Architect now. Worked in design/decision phases for digital channel transformations and led the teams (internet, mobile, callcenter, ATM etc. ) during Denizbank, Hsbc Turkey, Bank Audi Lebanon, Ziraat Participation, BKT Albania, Albaraka Bank Turkey Projects. Managed Online Banking, Callcenter & IVR Teams, Mobile Banking Infrastructure teams for years. Encouraged OS technologies usage within the work environment like Elastic, Redis, RabbitMq, Containerazion etc. Designed and published Intertech's Open Banking API Solution inter-API, https://api.intertech.com.tr, which is widely used in Mobile Banking App and Fintech Integrations; also works on cloud providers like Azure API Management and Apigee. Created a internal chatbot which works on Google's DialogFlow together with Intertech's banking api solution.

        • I have worked on different types of integrations such as Flex Cube, Cisco, Sms OTP, Avaya, Kobil, Vasco that are widely used by different banks. I designed Callcenter Application from scratch and worked on interaction between IVR systems( Genesys, Cisco, Avaya) and CTI Tools as well. Created WhatsApp Chat integration with live agent and worked on NLP solutions for Chatbot transition using Wit.ai, api.ai and Google Tensorflow.

        • On technical side latest stack mostly on containers, Docker, ELK, Redis, RabbitMq with .Net and .Net Core technologies. I have multiple projects that run as containerized images on Docker Swarm with use of OSS technologies widely. I am working on projects for transforming existing infrastructure to microservices with Docker containers, Kubernetes as the orchestrator recently. I am also working on AI solutions using Tensorflow, Apache's products and using them in finance sector for a better customer experience now.

Alternative Distrubition Channels Software Team Leader

Dec 2012 - Jan 2015 · 2 yrs 2 mos

Istanbul Area, Turkey

    • Worked as Software Team Leader in ADC Group. I was technical consultant in design/development for ADC Projects within the team and other parties.

    • Designed and lead Deniz Bank Contact Center Application and Interaction between IVR system and CTI with new technologies according to existing and future requirements. Created channel only backbone for Contact Center for Outbound, Outsource intergrations.

    • Channel Management System management, integrations with Atm, eWallet Solution, Callcenter, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Cash Management and vs. systems. Helped teams to evolve with knowledge over the structure . Designed and created workflows in local BPM solutions.I designed and developed ESB integration with Channel Management system for online channels.

Senior Software Engineer

Denizbank Intertech

Dec 2010 - Dec 2012 · 2 yrs 1 mo

Istanbul, Turkey

    • Worked in Channel Management Backoffice side, helped team during new online banking system transformation. Took place in Soft OTP Mobile solutions which is designed to replace SMS OTP password for two factor authentication.

Senior Software Engineer

Zurich Insurance

Feb 2008 - Dec 2010 · 2 yrs 11 mos

    • Worked on a complete bussiness solution on insurance with web based technologies. Helped team for Oracle Form transformation of existing system and worked as senior developer in design and development phases. Designed and created distrubution channel apps for insurance customers in which you can list, create policies online and get live offers. Took place in live integrations with the other companies and also SGM, DASK, SAGBIM.